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Foolproof Gift | $25 Gift Card


Remember that time they opened your gift and got that look on their face? Widening eyes. Pinched lips. Careful smile and “thanks,” ’cause we’re always polite in these parts. There’s no shame in letting them decide. A Country Cool gift card, delivered straight to their mailbox, can be a $25 way to say “Thinkin’ ‘bout y’all” or a $50 way to say “Congrats, Buddy!” or a $100 acknowledgement that hollers “You’re alright by my book.” Any holiday, all occasions, this is your fool-proof perfect gift.
Heads up! A physical card with a unique code will be mailed to the address you select at checkout. You can mail them to yourself and slide them in a card or Christmas stocking OR you can have us mail them straight to the lucky recipient. At this time, we can’t include a message with the package (sorry, we’re working on adding that fun feature!), so you might want to give the recipient a heads up that it’s coming. Gift cards are like cash money, so you don’t want them floating around in mailboxes for days on end.