From the scrumptious abundance of food to the jolly twang of Christmas music and the cozy warm décor in-between, nothing beats Christmas in the countryside. And having the right gifts to give to the people you like an awful lot — and especially love — can make the good times even better. Here are 20 country Christmas presents we handpicked for you to give this year for all the folks in your life who matter the most.


The Everyday Hat

No country outfit is complete without a great hat. This Country Cool cap offers breathable, high-quality — and stylish to boot — coverage for any work outdoors or a trip into town. Just $20, this one’s available in black/grey steel or heather grey/black.

The Original Hooded Sweatshirt

Both cozy and cool? Yep. This hooded sweatshirt from Country Cool lets wearers sport their rural spirit on front and their American pride on back — all the while protecting them from any chill in the air. Available in black, get this one at $65.

Jackery Solar Generator 300 (Explorer 300 + SolarSaga 100)

The Jackery Solar Generator delivers more than power — it gives your favorite person the freedom to plug in and hook up wherever and whenever the sun shines. At full charge, this powerhouse can charge up 4 full laptop charges, 4.5 hours of TV, 30 iPhone charges, and more (power tools anyone?). Click around for different power options, and get this one at $599.98.

Image courtesy of Jackery

Farmhouse Monogram

We take pride in the land we tend and the family we raise atop its soil. So it’s not a surprise no farm, homestead or acreage feels complete without a sign representing the people keeping things running. Real Steel Center offers a custom monogrammed sign at just $99.95 at time of writing.

Image courtesy Real Steel Center

Custom Egg Stamper

Help your chicken-keeping friends and neighbors spiff up their egg game. Etsy seller Stamp By Me Studio crafts a custom egg stamp with your receivers’ name and one of two chicken designs. Sure to bring a grin to both homesteaders filling the crates of eggs and the folks filling their fridges with quality, home-raised eggs. Pricing starts at $16.99.

Image courtesy of “StampByMeStudio”

Yellowstone Monopoly

For all the Yellowstone diehards out there, Monopoly Yellowstone puts your loved ones right in the action of the Dutton family’s cattle ranch. Give them the gift to gear up like a cowhand with their own token and secure their land as they enjoy a game night with the family. Get it for $49.95.

Image courtesy Yellowstone TV Shop


The ‘Gone Out’ Stocking Hat

The Country Cool ‘Gone Out’ Stocking Hat is a one-size and one-style-fits-all, perfect for the people in your family who can’t get enough of the great outdoors. Heck, get one to tuck into everyone’s stockings — and tell your partner to hush it and smile when you take a matching stocking hat family photo Christmas morning. Get it for $20.

The Staple Crewneck

Crewnecks are a favorite closet staple for a reason — they layer up nicely and are oh-so-useful for a life spent mostly outside. Get your favorite outdoorsperson this crewneck from Country Cool and gift them a functional favorite they’ll gear up in year after year. Available in denim color, pepper or grey, buy it at $65.

Silicon Wedding Ring

A precious metal ring can get in the way of outdoor work and play — or worse yet get lost out and about to become one with the soil again. Help your partner represent your bond and commitment to one another no matter the activity with a silicon ring. These options from Enso Rings start at an affordable $17.49 and come in a variety of styles and colors.

Image courtesy Enso Rings

The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook

Some gifts can spread far and wide — across tables. The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook equips your favorite hunters and anglers with the best recipes and techniques to turn a catch into a good meal for all to enjoy. Get it for $35 and have no shame asking for a sit-down at their dinner table sometime soon in return.

Image courtesy MeatEater


The Relic Tee

The women in your life carry with them the values, strength and hard-work ethic that has nurtured generation after generation of country families across this nation. They deserve all the gifts, especially one that can help them represent their pride and joy leading life out in the countryside. Available in grey frost or black, buy this shirt now for $35.

‘Look Ma, No Hands’ Satchel

The right bag makes all the difference, and this Country Cool satchel gives your favorite outdoor-loving women the freedom to venture anywhere with what they need and without having to put up a fight against shoulder slips. Perfect for around the farm or homestead — or for a trip into town, snag this deal at $80.

Heritage R Toe Western Boot

A cowgirl needs her perfect pair boots, and this pair from Ariat boasts style, performance and comfort. Gift these to her and watch her redefine when and where y’all wear your western boots. Available in four colors, get this at $127.96.

Image courtesy Ariat

Farmhouse Weekends Cookbook

For the women who are always filling the house with drool-inducing smells, look no further than Melissa Bahen’s latest cookbook. Within these pages live classic comfort meals, seasonal harvest recipes and country kitchen must-makes that’ll have everyone rushing to gather at the table. Get it for $30.

Image courtesy Barnes & Noble

Everything on the Farm Gift Basket

Wrangling kids, tending animals, feeding the family and keeping the house clean and cozy — not to mention her passions and hobbies in-between — life can be hectic (even while fulfilling) out in the countryside. Pack a season of your gratitude and her relaxation in a reusable tub. This farm gift basket from 1818 farms includes everything from shea crème to bath truffles to handcrafted balms and more. Buy it for $108.

Image courtesy 1818 Farms


The Original Tee

Give the little ones in your life a t-shirt that can keep up with them, while showing off their rural roots. The Country Cool Original short sleeve is the perfect fit for both country boys and girls, itty-bitty to pre-teen. Choose black or athletic heather at $20 a t-shirt.

The Big Dig Sandbox Digger

The country toddlers and young kids on your Christmas list will love this Big Dig sandbox digger. A perfect addition to any country yard, this digger lets little ones move dirt, sand or snow just like mom and dad. Buy it for $49.99.

Image courtesy Breyer

Beginner Bow Set

Help your hunter-to-be sharpen her or his bow skills authentically — and safely. This set from Two Bros Bows comes with a youth-sized bow, safe practice arrows, a quiver bag and targets for just $59.99.

Image courtesy Two Bros Bows


The Patriot Tee

You can’t go wrong with a simple — but country stylish — tee. Give this gift to your all-American friends and family to celebrate our country and the people who feed it. Get this t-shirt for just $35.

The Muddin’ Tee

We all have that one friend or family member who could spend all day on the tracks, kicking up mud behind their tires. Give them something different this Christmas to show off their passion for all that’s fast and fun with the Country Cool Muddin’ Tee. Available in heather true royal blue or heather slate and just $35 a t-shirt.